Activities in Antigua

Jade Tour In Antigua Guatemala

If you are a fan of Jade, you will surely love visiting this place. Jade Museums has an impressive collection of handmade pieces based on jade, with different sizes, colors and shapes. The best thing is that you can enjoy a visit knowing all the corners of this small museum that highlights the beauty of this jewel of Guatemala.

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Visit the Catacombs of the Cathedral Antigua Guatemala

Antigua Guatemala is a colonial city that has a lot of history and hidden places that are worth visiting. If you want to do a different activity, you can visit the catacombs of the Cathedral. They are under an impressive complex of ruins where some steps lead you to discover very old catacombs. Great!

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Canopy in Antigua Guatemala

In Antigua You can enjoy different packages, which make you live an extreme adventure among the beautiful nature of Antigua Guatemala. For lovers of adventure there is the Canyon Express, which consists of two sections through the canyon, 430 and 520 meters each. It is an activity to practice with family or friends. So happy!

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